System Overview

How it works:

A typical show computer setup

Although all show functions can be run on just a single laptop, one or more main show computers and one or more registration/report/invoicing computers are typical. You may load the ShowRunner software on as many laptops as you need to run your events.

When you create or check out an event, the latest rider updates, along with your ratings for those riders, are downloaded directly to your show computer for running the event. Once the event has been checked out to your laptop, an internet connection is not required at the event arena.

The ShowRunner Event Software runs the show and easily interfaces with a FarmTek Polaris Event Timer system.

Once the event is over, event stats, rider stats, rider ratings, and optional rider videos are posted to the cloud at Riders will now be able to review their performance stats on their Rider Dashboards. Producers will have access to complete show stats, rider registration data, and rider ratings on their Producer Dashboard.