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of our highest money-winning riders in the North America use Sidekick when they ride*

* Results from over 1000 SortArena powered ride events run 01/01/21–06/30/23.

Sidekick Preregistration Is the New Way to Play!

With Sidekick, you can lock in your teams before show day! Inviting your teammates is fun and simple to do.

Invite your favorite teammates early


Consider invites from friends that want to ride with you


Accept to confirm, respectfully decline, or wait to respond

Your Membership Works Where You Ride!*

Connecting the Sorting & Penning Community

  • The SortArena standard provides better shows wherever you go.
  • Upgrade your ride experience with over 150 show producers across North America.
  • Use your membership benefits at every show location with hundreds of shows to choose from.

*At events powered by SortArena

Unlock the Champion Inside You!

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See how you stack
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in US and Canada

SortArena provides personalized ride performance insights and actionable feedback on your unique ride data.

Review Your Own Ride Videos*

Unlimited access to 1000’s of the ‘best ride’ videos

 *Personal ride videos captured during SortArena Premier Events are saved for current paid members for review online