Announcer Screen

Easier to run and a lot more fun. You’re gonna love it!

1. Team History

Shows teams whose run is complete for the current round. Shows the number of head and the final time, or a “No-Time” result. Scroll back to see results for any team. Here, you can quickly tweak or modify the team’s sort results based on a judge’s decision.

2. Riding Now

Current “Riding Now” team. Shows which team should be in the arena now.

3. Team Order

Teams “Coming Up” is the order of teams waiting to ride. Scroll down to see where any team is in the ride order. Handy team drag-drop lets you change the order of the go.

4. Quick Class & Round Statistics

How many teams to go in this round? How many places will we be paying in this class? Approximate time we will be finished based on current average time-per-team and teams-to-go? These can be helpful bits of info to the show announcer.

5. Arenas

Multiple alternating arenas can be managed and displayed for a single class. This class shows two being used, with the North Arena being active and the South Arena getting ready with the next team.

6. Arena Name

Easy to change arena names for any venue you are in.

7. Current Head Count

Displays the head count so far for the current team.

8. Cattle Gauge & Call Number

Randomized call numbers are generated for each new herd in an arena. Next number to call is at the center of the gauge. In this example, the announcer would call “9, 9, 9” at the start of this team run. The rest of the upcoming call numbers are shown in the order they will be called. As more teams are run on this herd, the gauge will show how many runs are remaining for the herd, like a fuel gauge showing how much fuel you have remaining. When the gauge shows empty, it’s time for a cattle change.

9. Leaderboard

Current leaderboard shows teams or riders that, “as of right now,” will be moving on to next round, or, if we are in the final Go, it shows the teams or riders that are “in the money”. The leaderboard is sorted by score, high to low, and constantly updated to reflect current leaders.

10. Live Arena

A single glance confirms that the system is tracking team progress in the arena. In sorting events, the correct numbered cows move through the gate with each press of the judge’s timer button. Radar-like timer sweep gives instant visual confirmation of time remaining.

11. The Bubble

The current bubble is always displayed for announcer convenience. The bubble reflects the score that must be beat to move into the next round, or in the case of the Final Go, reflects the score to beat to be “in the money”.

Very Easy to Operate!

ShowRunner runs the go rounds with little interaction needed, even for a first-time operator.

Focus more on announcing and less on clicking and typing.

Sure, it has been designed to be simple and intuitive; however, many powerful features are built in to handle the “things that happen” in real-world events. Things like head count & time adjustments, adding last-minute teams, and on-the-fly rider substitutions or removal.