Prime Time Sports Excitement

Riders will like it, your sponsors will love it!

SortArena offers two levels of engagement and promotion for your sponsors at your shows.


ShowRunner Event Software

Ad placement on reports, invoices, and Sidekick mobile alerts is available for all event producers using the SortArena ShowRunner Event Software.


Video Infotainment System

Ad placements on live action big screens at the show, live streams, and ride videos provides a much higher level of sponsor exposure for Premier Producers.

Level 1

Ad placements available to all producers

Printed on Rider Invoices at checkout

When it comes time for riders to check-out, they get handed their event invoice that includes all the details on how they did that day. It shows all their team partners, each entry, and each round’s score. In the bottom corner of the statement, riders find their overall performance graphs for the event, which is right above two great sponsor placements. This sponsor position on the rider check-out statement is available to every sponsor in rotation—a closing reminder of sponsor support.

Printed on Class Roster by Rider reports

When this report is posted for riders to ride up and check, it continues to provide your sponsor’s brand.

*You supply big screen TV and HDMI cable

Displayed on your big screen Class Status Monitors*

Event attendees want to stay up-to-date on who is riding now, which classes are coming up next, who is on the leaderboard right now, and a lot more. Competing teams and spectators are always checking who’s up next and who’s in the lead. Event attendees continually get the information they want by checking the digital signage displays, which makes these displays prime locations for sponsor messages. Live “at event” video displays capture rider and spectator attention.

Displayed as alert pop-ups sent to show participant phones using Sidekick

Level 2

Video Infotainment System ad placements available to Premier Event Producers

From the time a sorting event opens until the time it closes, riders and spectators alike will be checking the digital signage monitors for current information, and looking to get a better vantage point on the riding action and current scores.

Put sponsor messages where everybody is watching

Event attendees want to stay up-to-date on who is “Riding Now”, what classes are “Coming Up Next”, who is on the “Leaderboard” right now, and a lot more. Competing teams and spectators are always checking “Class Ride Rosters”, and “Class Winners”. Event attendees continually get the information they want by checking the digital signage displays, which makes these displays prime locations for sponsor messages.

Your sponsors become part of the action

Every time a team enters an arena to compete, live ride video and delayed ride replay is displayed along with “lower third” information pop-ups that provide timely “riding now” team information along with sponsor name, logo, and message. When teams are riding, sponsors get awesome placement right where everybody will be looking.

Premier Event Infotainment Presentation

All during the event and between the riding action, sponsors get exclusive full screen, big impression placements on the infotainment monitors—again, right where teams and spectators will be looking for upcoming and current show information.

It’s effective communication with multiple impressions per sponsor for greater buyer recall and retention.

Live Streaming

It’s kinda like a prime time sports broadcast, but without the video production crew.

When an event is live streamed, riders, friends, and family can enjoy keeping up with the ride action from anywhere. The captioned live ride video stream produced by the SortArena Infotainment System, allows those watching to know “who is riding now” along with their current score. Remote viewers also see the location of the event, the name of the organization producing the event, teams coming up next, the bubble, what team number we are on, how many teams to go, and more.

Sponsor ad placements stand out, drawing attention to sponsor branding in these streaming event broadcasts.

At the Close of Your Event

Even after the event, your sponsor is still getting air play.

Sponsor branding is a continuing part of team ride videos

Many riders love to watch their own ride videos, especially for their best rides. Each ride at a SortArena Premier Producer’s video-enabled event is captured and posted to the cloud and includes sponsor ad placements that are “burned in” as part of the ride video. Every time a rider watches or shares a ride video with family or friends, a sponsor ad goes along for the ride. It’s advertising that just keeps on going and going.

Effectiveness of sponsor marketing using traditional event signage and banners can be greatly reinforced for buyer recall and retention through the addition of digital signage at the event and video branding after the event.

Producer Ad Manager

The convenient SortArena tool central to both sponsorship levels.

Take a look at your Producer Ad Manager, which is available from your Producer Dashboard.

  • Your Ad Manager makes it easy to place and manage your sponsor’s branding and messaging into “ad slots” that create impressions for your sponsors in every show you do. When you create an active ad slot for your sponsor, the sponsor ads and messages will show up in all your shows automatically.
  • There are three media components in each ad slot: a large “full screen aspect” graphic, a smaller “lower third aspect” graphic, and a tag line text component. Each component type is placed into specific sponsor placements by the SortArena ShowRunner software during your event.
  • The Ad Manager can keep track of many “ad slots” but allows six slots to be active at any one time, which means that your sponsors will be in an ad slot rotation along with SortArena network ad slots.

As an event producer leveraging SortArena software and systems, you offer a higher payback for your sponsors.