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  • Setting SortArena standards means awesome, smooth-running shows with more fun and more value for your riders.

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SortArena Benefits

Robust Event Software

SortArena ShowRunner
Event Software is for you

SortArena provides rock-solid, intuitive event software.

ShowRunner Announcer Screen

  • It’s about more freedom, more fun, and more great shows that riders will love.
  • Run when, where, and how you want.
  • Easy & reliable—enabling smooth, fast-moving events.
  • More riding and less sitting.

Awesome Rider App

SortArena’s Sidekick app for your riders

Riders love the convenience of the Sidekick real-time event app.
Your show makes it all possible.

Preregistration allows riders to choose their draws and ‘lock in’ pick partners early

  • Preregistration enforces your class rules and ratings automatically. It’s fun. It’s easy.

  • If you choose to enable class preregistration, riders can invite their friends early and lock in their favorite teams before show day.

  • It’s clean and simple. Enabling class preregistration really speeds up getting riders registered on show day.

  • Preregistration can be a great gauge to project show turnout.

It’s Fun! It’s Easy!

Event Calendar

The ‘go-to’ place for riders looking to ride.

  • This event calendar helps bring in more new riders.
  • Tells more riders about you and your shows.
  • The shows you create in the ShowRunner Event Software are added to the event calendar automatically. Simple!

Rider Benefits

Every rider gets their own Personal Performance Dashboard

SortArena tracks and analyzes rider performance at each event.

  • Your show’s final results power the performance tools now available to each of your riders.
  • Rider performance tracking gives you solid objective insights on riders and ratings.
  • You always control Rider Ratings. SortArena provides the tools to make it easy, fair, and more accurate.
  • Your riders are able to check their personal Rider Performance Dashboard values over time, providing actional feedback for improvement.

Sponsor Benefits

Give your sponsors more bang for the buck

Your sponsors will love the extra visibility you now provide to them.

  • Your show sponsors will get more exposure and more impressions in a whole new channel.

  • Ad placements in posted rosters, rider invoices, rider mobile phone alerts, and large event video displays all increase sponsor coverage at every show.

  • Your web-based ad manager makes creating your sponsor ad slots super easy.

  • Showrunner Event Software handles all your sponsor ad slot placements automatically.

Season Points & Statistics

We make your show data work for you

Want to know who did what, and how much, during a season?

  • Season points, show attendance, total earnings, fees-to-earnings ratios, and a lot more.
  • Gather the stats you need across any date range.
  • Easy customizable reports let you pull the data you need for any or all of your shows.