Even the Lone Ranger Needs a Great Sidekick!


Know what’s happening while it’s happening all on your phone!

Sidekick is included with your paid SortArena membership

The exclusive ‘Me’ tab is just about you!

View all your team rides ‘right now’ and ‘coming up’.

  • Teams – ride order – scores so far
  • Score needed to advance
  • Where you are on the class leaderboard

Check out which classes you’re entered in, including:

  • Number of entries
  • Who you’re teamed up with

Keep track of how you’re doing so far.

  • Watch your winnings total up with every class win.
  • See your points going up with each class.

Your Sidekick Keeps You Posted on All the Goings on

For your show and shows all over US and Canada

Show Preregistration

New! Invite your friends to Ride or get invitations from other riders. Now you can lock in your best teams before show day!

Riders & Registration

While class registration is open on show day, see who is signed up so far, who still has rides available, and their ratings.

Rosters & Teams

As soon as a round is drawn up, the “order of the go” is right here in your pocket. Use the “by Rider” view to check all the teammates and team numbers for any rider.

Standings & Leaderboard

When the class is running, see what teams are leading so far.  The current bubble gets you the minimum score needed ‘as of right now’ to move on or be in the money.


After the last team has run, you get the good (or bad) news on who just won, and their final scores.  Who won what, is not a question anymore.  Your Sidekick knows.


When the final scores are in, you get the up-to-the-minute list of points awarded in each class.

Personal Ride Roster Alerts

As each class is drawn up, real-time personal Ride Roster alerts are sent to riders’ phones. Ride Rosters show your upcoming teams, team numbers, and score “going in” for rounds 2 and up.

‘Heads Up’ Alerts

At larger events. keeping the show running smoothly means getting riders to the gate before their team is “on deck”. Sidekick’s “Heads Up” alerts let you know a few minutes before you need to be at the gate.

Class Final Results Alerts

When your class is complete, and the good and bad news has been totaled up, Sidekick lets you know how you did in the class and how other teams and riders placed in the competition.


Live Streaming

When an event is Live Streamed with SortArena, you can enjoy keeping up with the ride action from anywhere you want to be.

It’s Dirt Simple!