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Personal Rider Performance Tracking

Included with your FREE SortArena Membership

Every rider deserves their own Rider Performance Dashboard.

  • If you ride at events powered by SortArena, you qualify for a FREE Performance Tracker.
  • Every time you ride and your event producer posts final show results, your ride results are automatically posted for your review.
  • Each rider’s Performance Tracker is displayed on a private Rider Dashboard, personalized to each rider.

From now on, riders can expect more from the events they choose.

Ride statistics, performance graphs, best team pick analysis, and more. It’s all online, available anytime, anywhere, from a mobile device or desktop.

  • Inspired by the huge popularity of personal fitness and activity trackers, SortArena Event Software enables each rider to benefit from personalized ride activity and performance tracking. 
  • Remember, event producers make it all possible by choosing SortArena software to power your favorite events and places to ride.
  • See how you stack up against all other riders in the US and Canada.
  • See how your recent rides affect your successful ride ratio, sorting speed, and overall performance score. Your ride history is also right here on your dashboard. 
  • See where you have ridden, who you have ridden with, and which teams have brought home a check. 
  • A handy rating reference shows you how each event producer has you rated for penning and sorting.