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Rider Statistics

SortArena tracks and analyzes rider performance

Show producers all over the US and Canada, using SortArena’s Event Software, are part of the SortArena producer network. SortArena collects rider performance data from hundreds of events and thousands of riders riding in sorting and penning events. 

Rider performance is based on a few simple objective metrics and a couple of proprietary factors derived from ride data accumulated over many shows, riders, and varied show conditions. 

Each time you enter the arena, results are being collected. Will you have a successful run or get a “No Time”? When you have a successful run, what is the speed at which you and your teammates can persuade the right cows to go and stay where you need them? How well you and your partners perform over multiple entries, multiple classes, and multiple shows over time is used to measure your performance. 

Part of your skill as a penner or sorter includes your ability to create, and be part of, teams that work together for superior results. That skill is also being measured as part of your overall performance score. 

It is important to remember that all riders are being measured by the exact same objective metrics so that rider performance can be measured against any rider. 

As each rider’s performance is updated with each new show results, greater confidence can be given to a rider’s score. And since rider performance changes over time, weighted moving averages are used to value recent performance over older show results. Tracking rider performance in this way provides a trend line that can be mapped on a chart or graph. This trend can be helpful to see where improvements might be made. 

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Rider Rankings

See how you stack up against the competition

Having an objective measure of all riders and a known level of score confidence, all riders can be stacked up against one another and ranked according to overall performance scores. This ranking allows riders to see how they stack up as a penner or sorter against all other known penners and sorters. Riders can monitor their ranking over time to see if they are moving up or down in the stack. 

Producers always have the final say in how a rider will be rated while riding at their events. However, producers can benefit from this objective measuring tool as an aid in setting fair and transparent handicap ratings for their shows. 

Using this objective rating tool, a producer might tell a rider that feels his/her rating is too high. “If you want a lower rating, just ride worse.” 

SortArena provides tools for riders and producers to provide the best and richest ride experiences possible. Great ride experiences attract greater participation and interest in these amazing sports, rich in heritage.

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