Personal Ride Videos

For Premier Members

SortArena Premier Producers provide personalized, captioned ride videos at their larger video-enabled events. If you are a SortArena Premier member, your ride videos are saved in the cloud and are available to you from your Rider Dashboard. 

Review your rides at any time, and—even better—share your videos with family and friends. 

Help to promote the sport you love by sharing your videos on social media where a bigger audience, including future riders, can see how fun and challenging ranch sorting and team penning can be.

There Are 2 Great Ways to View Your Videos

On your Rider Dashboard

1. Recent Events

  • Your Rider Dashboard displays “Recent Events” where you can go to see each entry and each team results.
  • If you were a Premier SortArena Member at the time, you can review the ride videos for each team and each round in that event.
  • This is a great way to see “what happened?!”

2. Video Library Explorer

  • Your Rider Dashboard provides access to the SortArena Video Library Explorer. 
  • 1000’s of the “best ride” videos are there for you. You can look up videos of your friends and other riders you know. 
  • You may want to look up ride videos of the top riders. 
  • See how the best riders and top teams do it. Sort by best ride times, most recent, or oldest rides. Analyze positions, timing, and moves. Discover ways to improve your personal and team skills. 
  • You can filter by penning or sorting, men or women, and by country, state, or province.