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  • See all your upcoming rides

  • Your teams – ride order – scores `so far’

  • Score you need to advance

  • Where you are on the leaderboard

  • All classes you’re entered in, including the number of entries and teammates

  • Winnings and points totals

  • All riders and registrations for any class

  • Rosters and order of the go for any class

  • Current teams and bubbles for any class

  • Leaderboards, winners, and points

Early registration to lock in your teams before show day

  • Invite your friends or let friends invite you.

  • Register early to get the best teams.

  • Less time getting registered is more time with your horse.

  • Your invitations are sent in real-time.

Live ‘at-the-event’ mobile alerts sent directly to your mobile phone

  • Get your Ride Rosters showing your teams and ride order.

  • “Heads Up” alerts let you know when you need to be at the gate.

  • Get class results showing winners and how you placed.

Review Your Own Ride Videos*

Access to expanded ‘premier tools’ from your online Rider Dashboard

SortArena Premier Producers provide personalized ride videos at their larger video-enabled events. If you are a paid member, your ride videos are saved in the cloud and are available to you from your Rider Dashboard.

Review your rides at any time and, even better, share your videos with family and friends. 

Help to promote the sport you love by sharing your videos on social media where a bigger audience, including future riders, can see how fun and challenging ranch sorting and team penning can be.

*When you ride at premier video-enabled events.

Unlimited access to 1000’s of the ‘best ride’ videos

  • See how the best riders and top teams do it.

  • Analyze positions, timing, and moves.

  • Discover ways to improve your personal and team skills.

  • Look up a friend’s ride video and watch how they get things done.

Top Rider Discovery Tool

  • See who ranks the best by sport, class, gender, country, state, etc.

  • Ever wonder who the best team penner in Canada is, or who is the top cowgirl ranch sorter in Texas? Now you can find out!

  • SortArena’s Rider Performance Tracking ranks all riders objectively each time they ride.

  • Top Rider standings are updated weekly so check back often.

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