New Sponsor Opportunities
at Ranch Sorting and Penning Events

It’s a new “Prime Time Sports” kind of excitement
for Ranch Sorting, Team Penning, and Team Roping events.


Live “at event’ Large Format Video Displays capture rider and spectator attention.  Digital Signage Infotainment Systems (DSIS) are present at almost every major sporting event.  Digital signage Information and Entertainment create  excitement and momentum.

This powerful information and entertainment capability is now available at SortArena Premier Producer riding venues.

Players and spectators are naturally drawn to the video displays.  Live video action is displayed from several advantageous capture angles.  Spectators get another perspective on the action.  Sometimes the video presentation is the best seat in the house.

During the Event:

From the time a sorting event opens until the time it closes, riders and spectators alike will be checking the digital signage monitors for current information, and looking to get a better vantage point on the riding action and current scores.


Put sponsor messages where everybody is watching.

Event attendees want to stay up-to-date on who is “Riding Now”, what classes are “Coming Up Next”, who is on the “Leaderboard” right now, and a lot more.  Competing teams and spectators are always checking “Class Ride Rosters”, and “Class Winners”.    Event attendees continually get the information they want by checking the digital signage displays, which makes these displays prime locations for sponsor messages.

BigScreen Display - Call Out-04 LR



Sponsors become part of the action.

Every time a team enters an arena to compete, live ride video is displayed along with “lower third” information pop-ups that provide timely “Riding Now” team information along with sponsor name, logo and message.

When teams are riding, sponsors get awesome placement right where everybody will be looking


Event Information Presentation

All during the event and between the riding action, sponsors get exclusive full screen, big impression placements on the infotainment monitors, again, right where teams and spectators will be looking for upcoming and current show information.


It’s effective communication with multiple impressions per sponsor, for greater buyer recall and retention.

At Close of Event:


Rider Check-out Statement Position

When it comes time for riders to check-out at the “pay window” they get handed their event statement that includes all the details on how they did that day.  It shows all their team partners, each entry and each round’s score.  In the bottom corner of the statement, riders find their overall performance graphs for the event, which is right above a great sponsor placement opportunity.  This sponsor position on the rider check-out statement is currently limited to one sponsor per event, and therefore is printed on the statement for every rider at the event.  A closing reminder of sponsor support.



Even after the event, the sponsor is still getting air play:

YouTube™ video’s with sponsor logo and branding.

Riders love to watch their own ride videos, especially for their best rides.  Every ride at a SortArena enabled sorting event is captured in HD video from multiple camera angles.  Every ride video is posted to YouTube™, and includes the “lower third” Riding Now captions that display the sponsor ad placements that are now part of every ride video.  Every time a rider watches or shares a ride video with family or friends, the sponsor ad goes along for the ride.  It’s advertising that just keeps on going and going.

Effectiveness of Sponsor marketing using traditional event signage and banners can be greatly reinforced for buyer recall and retention through the addition of digital signage offerings.
“Business models that offer branding, entertainment and information, along with advertising will spur revenues, finds Frost & Sullivan

As brands and advertisers recognize the inherent shortcomings of traditional media, investments in newer marketing vehicles such as digital signage are increasing. Digital signage systems with higher resolution screens, bigger displays, and high-definition (HD) content, are becoming popular due to their ability to reach mass audiences and play engaging, targeted messages at the point of sale or a point of transit.”

*** New analysis from Frost & Sullivan, Analysis of the Global Digital Signage Systems Market (, finds that the market earned revenues of $1.53 billion in 2014 and estimates this to reach $3.23 billion by 2020.