Here’s How it Works:

Saddle Up & Ride!  

1. Find great sorting events on using any of the following criteria: 

  • events in your area or along your travel route (coming soon)
  • according to dates, class ratings or competition types
  • events put on by a particular producer
  • events your friends or social group are riding in (coming soon)

2. (Coming Soon) Pre-Register for your event online so friends will know where you plan to ride.  And, you can see where your friends have pre-registered.  Also, event producers can plan better events when they know you’re thinking of riding

3. (Coming Soon) Save money with special online, pre-register discounts and show giveaways.

Track Your Progress  

When you ride at a SortArena enabled event, results are posted to your personal performance pages on the web allowing you to:

  • View results from each class
  • Compare how you did in relation to others in the class
  • Review your winnings by class and for the season
  • Track trends on how you are doing over time
  • Analyze which class types bring out your best rides, and which riding partners actually boost your performance

Stay Connected  

When you ride at a SortArena Premier Producer event, your ride videos and results are posted right here, to your own Personal Rider Dashboard, for you to review and share.

  • Connect with your friends on and share the fun.
  • Share with your friends where you are planning to ride.
  • View where your friends are planning to ride.
  • Post your photos and ride videos, automatically shot during your sorting rides, to your favorite social media website. (Subscription required)

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