Rider performance scores are objective and simple.

  • Every rider is scored in exactly the same way.
  • Performance scores are not based on money won, your profession, or how someone else thinks you ride.
  • The SortArena system calculates performance scores for every rider by looking at each rider’s actual real-world ride performance for recent ride events.
  • Performance is measured and tracked, over time, based on actual times, head counts, class and teaming parameters,  and “No Time” frequency averages.
  • Recent event performance affects your score more than older events. If factors change that really affect your overall ride performance, it will show up automatically in your performance score.

You can check your performance score anytime from home or on your mobile device.  You can see how each event’s results affect your score. The scoring system is designed to respond quickly to big changes in your ride performance, but otherwise, hold scores steady, looking at the longer term trends.

For example: In Ranch Sorting it pretty much boils down to how quickly and consistently you and your partners can sort those 10 specific cows in numeric order without blowing out.
If you can sort those ten cows in less time than anybody else and do it over and over without ever blowing out, you are most likely the highest rated Ranch Sorter out there. But, in the real-world, some days the sorting goes better than others.  There are many factors that affect individual sort performance, like: your horse, the arena conditions, the cattle, the weather, your partner, your mood, health, etc.  To some degree all those many variables affect all sorters, and in similar ways.  One day you’re amazing everybody and the cattle are lining up in order, other days everything is just a little bit off and the cows have plans of their own. Over time all riders will experience a variety of factors that will affect their sorting performance for good and bad.

The SortArena scoring system keeps track every time a rider enters an arena, tracks head counts, and actual times in each successful run. The system also keeps track of how many blow-outs or no-times a rider gets.  If a Ranch Sorting rider can sort ten head very quickly, but blows out half the time, that will certainly affect that rider’s ability to win, and consequently, his or her performance.  If a rider sorts less than ten head in a sort but also never “blows out” or gets a no time”, that will also certainly affect that rider’s ability to win, and his or her rating. This is the most basic concept of the SortArena Performance Scoring System.

Track every run, for every rider, at every event, over a series of events, and look at actual average “seconds per head” or “head per minute”, class and teaming parameters, along with average blowout ratios, factoring those averages together, and comparing all riders.  It’s really a simple concept that is based solely on actual measurable performance results.  The system is objective and scores each rider in exactly the same way.

The first time you ride at a producer event where the SortArena system is being used, you simply register for classes with the rider rating you normally use for sorting events. The producer always has the option to enter any rider for an event using a Rider Rating agreed upon between rider and producer.

Regardless of the rating used at time of entry, the SortArena Performance Scoring System will continue to track the rider’s actual sort performance and continue to update the rider’s performance score based on the totaled results from each new event. Once a rider has ridden in several entries in several classes across 3 or 4 events, we believe the rider’s SortArena Performance Score will reflect a fair and objective rating for that rider.


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