SortArena Ranch Sorting, Team Penning & Roping Event Software

Great new event software that makes running the show much easier, and way more fun.


The “Show Runner” software runs the go’s automatically with little or no user interaction needed.  This makes it very easy to operate, even for a first timer, and allows your operator/announcer to focus more on announcing and less on clicking buttons.  Sure, it has been designed to be simple and intuitive, however many powerful features are built-in to handle the “things that happen” in real-world events.  Things like head count & time adjustments, adding last minute teams, and on-the-fly rider substitutions or removal.


Take a Closer Look…

Team History

Shows teams whose run is complete for the current round. Shows the number of head and the final time, or a “No-Time” result. Scroll back to see results for any team. Here, you can quickly “tweak” or modify the team’s sort results based on a judge’s decision.

Riding Now

Current “Riding Now” team. Shows what team should be in the arena now.

Team Order

Teams “Coming Up” the order of teams waiting to ride.  Scroll down to see where any team is in the ride order.

Quick Class & Round Statistics

How many teams to go in this round?  How many places will we be paying in this class? Approximate time we will be finished based on current average time-per-team and teams-to-go?  These can be helpful bits of info to the show announcer.


From one to four arenas can be managed and displayed for a single class.  This class shows two arenas being used, with the Kenyon East arena being the active and the Kenyon West arena getting ready with the next team.

Arena Name

The arena name.  Your facility arenas can have names.  You can assign names to those arenas.  “One”, “Two”, “East”, “West”, “Even Pen”, “Odd Pen” or the names of a sponsors.

Team Name

Team name and team rating.  Team names are shown only for riders who, together,  have a chosen and reserved a team name.

Head Count

Displays the head count so far for the current team.

Cattle Herd

Cattle herd runs gauge and call number display.  Randomized call numbers are generated for each new herd in an arena.  Next number to call is at the center of the gauge.  In this example, the announcer would call “9, 9, 9” at the start of this team run.  The rest of the upcoming call numbers are shown in the order they will be called.  As more teams are run on this herd, the gauge will show how many runs are remaining for the herd, like a fuel gauge showing how much fuel you have remaining.  When the gauge shows empty, it’s time to cattle change.


Current leaderboard.  These are teams or riders that, “as of right now”, will be moving on to next round, or, if we are in the final Go, it shows the teams or riders that are “In the Money.”  The leaderboard is sorted by score, high to low, and constantly updated to reflect “current leaders”.  

Live Arena

A single glance confirms that the system is tracking team progress in the arena. In sorting events, correct number cows move through the “gate” with each press of the judge’s timer button. Radar-like timer sweep gives instant visual confirmation of time remaining.

The Bubble

The current bubble is always displayed for announcer convenience.  The bubble reflects the score that must be beat to move into the next round, or in the case of the Final Go, reflects the score to beat to be “In-the-Money”.


Mobile Fun for Your Riders

With SortArena ShowRunner, you can still post your printed ride rosters, as usual, but now, riders love to receive individualized text notifications of their teams, partners, and ride order, and score ‘going in’.

With optional SortArena Infotainment system, each teams’ sort video, complete with your announcer audio and “Riding Now” captions, are posted to the ‘cloud’.  Now, your riders can review and check out their ride videos and share them with friends.  A rider’s Personal Ride Performance Dashboard is also available on a mobile device.

SortArena System Overview Diagram.

Typical show computer layout.

Although all show functions can be run on just a single laptop, one or more main show computers and one or more registration/report/invoicing systems are typical.

Events created and calendered on are downloaded, along with the rider database, directly to your show computer for running the event.  An internet connection is not required at the event arena.

The ShowRunner event software runs the show and easily interfaces with a FarmTek Polaris™ Event Timer system.

Once the event is over, event stats, rider stats, and optional team sorting videos are posted to the cloud at  Riders will now be able to review rider performance stats on their rider dashboards and producers will have access to complete show stats and rider registration data on the producer dashboard.


Running Your Sorting, Penning, and Roping Events

Select the Event to run.

Your “Spring Rattlesnake Roundup” event that was calendared on the web, is loaded directly onto your show laptop. No internet service at the show arenas? No problem. The SortArena “Show Runner” software was designed to run the show independent of internet access.


Choose the Class

ShowRunner software supports 2 and 3 man sorting, 3 man team penning, and roping classes, as well as mixed classes, gate/sort (ranch hand) classes, round robins, and multi-group round robins.

You can easily see the status of each event class for your event. Someone can be checking riders into an upcoming class on one computer while another can be printing reports and invoices, and another can be running and announcing the sorting class in-progress. Do it all on one system or across several laptops, whatever works best for you.


Register your Riders

Registration is simple. Speed and accuracy are the focus here. Fast rider lookups “while you type” makes finding a rider fast and eliminates typo errors. Entering a rider’s partner picks, automatically creates new registrations for any picked partners that aren’t already registered, and adds the current rider to the picked rider’s partners. Saves lots of keying and prevents entry error. Simple, not confusing.  Registration slips conform to the class type and the “Ride Rules” you set when you made up the class for your event


Create your Teams

One-Click Smart teaming logic creates “best possible” ride order for your team rosters.  Getting the most possible team rides.  Minimizing individual rider back-to-back rides, even when running multiple arenas. Unmatched partners can happen, but resolving them is easy.  Once your teams are set, Team Rosters and Projected Payout reports can be printed from any show computer.  All reports are generated and saved to .PDF format and can be viewed on-screen and printed


Print Team Rosters

Team rosters come in two easy to read and organized formats.  The “Team Roster” report is a simple format listing teams in class ride order.  The Class by Rider report makes it much easier for riders to ride up, find their name on one place, and see all their partners in ride order.


Print your Class Report

The “Class Report” is similar to the “Team Roster”, but adds some handy fields to keep a handwritten audit of class sort results.  The anticipated cattle changes are also shown in the left margin which can also be useful for your cattle change crew.  Although this report is not required to run the show, it can be handy.


Review Projected Payouts for the Class.

Projected Payout by Class report provides a little preview of team and rider count, and how the money is going to work, based on your selected Payouts Schedule for this class.


Print Final Team Standings and Winners

Once the Final Go is complete the “leaderboard” report can be printed that will show final team results and winnings.  Ties between teams are properly handled and are shown clearly on the Leaderboard report.


Review Final Payout Report

Once your class is complete, the “Final Payout” report sums it all up for you.



Rider Invoice and Checkout

You can check out a single rider or several in a group, at any time, and from any of your show computers.  On-screen detail for classes, teams, and sorts are shown for each rider being checked out.  Ride credits and other preset or miscellaneous charges can be entered before a final invoice is produced. 

Rider invoices are chock full of useful information about how they placed in each class, winnings, scores and timing results of each sort.  Summary performance statistics are presented so riders can check their own performance.  Producers have gotten rider compliments on the new invoice look and detail.



Get ready to ride.