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Your own Personal Performance Rider Dashboard!

Your SortArena Rider Dashboard allows you to review your performance stats and ride results from previous riding
events from the convenience of your desktop computer or mobile device.

bullet-star-01 Recent Rides

All your ride statistics, performance graphs, class details and each of your event results are all right here.  See how you are improving and how you stack up with other riders.

bullet-star-01 Your Top Teams

Who are your best team picks? Recently picked partners are automatically ranked by how your performance is affected when you team up.

bullet-star-01 Ride Video

Every time you ride at a SortArena Premier™ ranch sorting event, your individual team videos are automatically posted to YouTube™. Watch one now!

Ranch Sorting Rider Dashboard

bullet-star-01 Current Rider Performance Score

Rider performance scores are based on your recent, actual, measurable, real-world ride performance including your times, head counts, blowout ratios, etc. averaged over time.

bullet-star-01 Money Won

Check out how much you’ve won so far this season, year-to-date, or lifetime total.

 bullet-star-01 Upcoming Events

View upcoming ride events.  Get event details for dates, times, locations, classes and payouts.



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Multiple HD cameras from different viewpoints capture all the fun and action of each of your runs.

Share your videos

After the event, with a subscription, you can review your ride videos at home or on your mobile device. If you choose, you can share your ride videos with friends and family. It’s easy and fun.

'Riding Now' Captions

Your ride video has “Riding Now” captions featuring you and your teammates, your score so far, and your team name.

Improve Performance

In fact, you can go back and review any of your videos captured at a SortArena Premier enabled riding event.  See what you did right and what could be improved.

The SortArena Rider Performance Scoring System

The first ranch sorting scoring system that is fair, impartial,
totally objective and dependable.


Ranch Sorting Performance Graphs

Rider scores are objective and simple.

  • Every rider is scored in exactly the same way.
  • Scores are not based on money won, your profession, or how someone else thinks you ride.
  • The SortArena system calculates performance scores for every rider by looking at each rider’s actual real-world performance for recent ride events.
  • Performance is measured and tracked, over time, based on actual times, head counts, ride partners, and “No Time” frequency averages.
  • Recent event performance affects your score more than older events. If factors change that really affect your overall ride performance, it will show up automatically in your performance score.

You can check your performance score anytime from home or on your mobile device. You can see how each of your ride event results affect it. The scoring system is designed to respond to real big performance changes quickly, but otherwise hold scores steady, looking at the longer term trends.

Your SortArena Performance Score does not dictate your actual Rider Rating.  Your Performance Scores is provided to you, and to event producers where you ride, and can be used as a reference for setting a rider’s rating for participation in a sorting, penning, or roping event.

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Wondering where to sort next? Check out our ranch sorting event calendar to find a sorting event near you.